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The Maison de la Meunerie (Mill house)

Located in the heart of Nieul sur l’Autize, not far from the Abbey, the Mill house is a site dedicated to traditional skills in a refreshing and natural setting. Restored by the association "Gueurnivelles" the mill dates from 1728 and welcomes you to visit.

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The Mill house guides you through the operating mill and the home of the miller and his family. You will learn about the mechanisms of flour production and experience daily life in 1920.
This is one of the few active water mills in the Vendée. The paddle wheel, under pressure from water, turns and turns to drive the gears which combine force and speed to allow the millstones to grind the grains of wheat.
Located in a natural green setting, this authentic traditional mill opens its door to you. Built in 1728 on the banks of the river l'Autise, this watermill still grinds wheat for bakers in the region and the enjoyment of visitors. Visit the mill in operation to be able to understand the various stages of processing wheat grain into flour. Immerse yourself in the daily life of 1920 and discover the dwelling house of the miller of that time.
Under the watchful eye of the miller, the mill produces about 80 tons of flour per year. A single pass through the grind stone gives particular qualities to the flour, which are recognized by the French Milling organisation: better nutritional value, higher in fibre and more flavour. No preservatives or other additives are used in the manufacturing process; it is 100% wheat, organic wheat or buckwheat, which you can buy on the spot.


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Address : La Maison de la Meunerie 16 rue du Moulin 85240 Nieul sur l'Autize

Phone : +33 (0)2 51 52 47 43