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Escapes into Nature

  • The Aquarium at Pescalis

    Visit the largest fresh water aquarium in the Poitou-Charentes region; it has more than 30 species of fish from the rivers and lakes of Europe.

  • Horses and land discovery farm

    You will discover the arts of the farrier and smith at the forge, the training of heavy horses in harness and agricultural labour of a bygone era.

  • The Noues de Puy Jean

    A visit to an educational farm where you can learn about animals and nature. In the garden of five senses there is a large variety of plants. Relax and enjoy contact with the animals and discover the fauna and flora of the region.

  • Mouton Village

    A “Sheep village “ as well as an animal park – there are 6 hectares of arboretum and a large variety of vegetation, as well as 21 species of sheep from all over the world. Did you know there is a breed of sheep called “rabbit head” and another called “four horns”? Each breed has its own character and habits. Your chance to meet the different sheep – an experience as original as it is constructive.

  • The Birds of the Marais Poitevin

    In the wetlands of the Marais Poitevin, with its distinctive vegetation, there are more than 70 species of birds to discover.

  • Maison du Marais Poitevin

    The Maison du Marais Poitevin is a must if you want to get to know all about the Marais Poitevin. The visit takes an hour and you can discover the traditions of the Marais Poitevin through this photographic museum.

  • Sevres Autruche - The Ostriches of Deux Sevres

    Come and see the ostriches, their cousins the rheas and the emus, close up and in complete safety. Discover the chicks which you can stroke and to provide fun for all the family there is a maize maze!

  • Mervent Zoo

    In the heart of Mervent forest, you can spend a very agreeable day at the Mervent Nature Zoo. More than 50 domestic and exotic species on show in a landscaped park of 7 hectares

  • Zoodyssée at Chizé

    An animal adventure! At Chizé you will discover nearly 500 species of European fauna in the heart of a park of 25 acres which can be explored on foot or by horse-drawn carriage with many exhibitions and educational activities.
    Come and spend a wonderful day ... its more than a simple zoo, Zoodyssée park is fun and educational.

  • Japanese Garden at Maulévrier

    The largest Japanese inspired garden in Europe. A unique garden which will surprise you with its extraordinary architectural and botanical framework, its history and symbolism, and the ”Japanese style” cut of some of the trees.

  • Discovery Farm at Mantellerie

    Go and discover the world of agriculture and learn about the origin of our food products, using concepts of sustainable development. Enjoy an educational visit with your family surrounded by nature and animals.

  • Les Jardins du Gué

    Beautiful gardens to visit: a 4-hectare park consisting of seven gardens on the banks of the river The Thouet the heart of the Gâtine in Poitou-Charentes. This garden has been awarded the Outstanding Garden in 2013. Discover, garden travelers. to the river, the garden of love and its rose garden, the garden of succulents, the gardens of Arts with its columns and basins, gourmet garden, the garden of the brave with its large garden rockery and finally Time at the foot of the ruins of the old farm

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